Kushkards is a brand which designs and produces colorful, clever, fun and unique greeting cards. The tradition of giving greeting cards as a meaningful expression of personal affection for another person is still being deeply ingrained in today's society, which is why Kushkards is the perfect card. Different from your everyday store bought card, you will always have what you need. With a unique spot on each card to insert your pre-rolled item of choice and a match striker located on the bottom of each card that can be repeatedly used, NEVER LOOK FOR YOUR LIGHTER AGAIN!!

KusKards is called "The Hallmark of Marijuana" by Herb and Merry Jane - because stoners love greeting cards too! Today, cards do not offer High Wishes on birthdays, an everyday card to Just Say High or an I'm sorry card so you can Smoke About It.  KushKards combines the cannabis community with the gift giving community in a unique and creative way.  KushKards offer more than 20 different types of occasions making it hard to just to choose one just like it is hard to just smoke one.  

The high-dea stroke when the need to gift cannabis just was not an option. Thinking of taking a trip to CVS and searching through out-dated greeting cards become very uninteresting. From there  Lauren Miele started making greeting cards with blunts that were rolled and sewed in the form of initials, numbers and objects (See How We Started Tab). The first card was born in Christmas of 2013. The first site made everything right and the journey of stoner greeting cards began. 

It is the definition for a special treat for a special person, so look through and order the perfect card and gift today.




You are what you Create. Fill your backpack full of dreams and take the leap
— Lauren Miele / Founder @lau_renkush